How do I download the files?

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I understand that I can download the games on the longplays site as well as Youtube. Could you please tell me how I can download them? What exactly would I be downloading? Are they videos? Since I am blind, I really only need the audio. Is there a way I can just get them as MP3s? Please explain.

Please let me know. Thank you very much.

Rob Bendtzen
You will be downloading the videos. There's no easy way to just get the audio but I think this is the fasest way.

You will need to download a Youtube to mp3 converter like this one here

After downloading and installing, launch the program there will be a box with a list of 20 applications. Pick the 3rd one down on the left that says "Free youtube to MP3 converter"

Then you will need to copy address of the youtube video you want the audio of. Our youtube account is Then press the "paste" button in the middle left of the converter program

Once you have pasted in the address hit the "download" button at the button right of the program and the video will be shown downloading in another window. It took me around 30 minutes to download a 20 minutre video.

Once it has finished your MP3 will appear in the output folder which by default will be in My Documents \DVDVideoSoft\FreeYouTubeToMP3Converter

If you ever wanted to download the original video you would just go to our main page then select one of the buton links at the top. It starts with Arcade then PC, Microsoft, Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Other, Amiga , C64

Clicking Arcade or PC will get you the list of PC and Arcade videos. You just click on the video and then the next page will show you how long the video is and the size of it along with the youtube link to the video. On this page click download then press Main Site and the download widow will appear or you will be sent to that will have links to the video. Click the link under H264 for the best quality download from archive.

The other categories buttons like Sega and Sony work the same way but after clicking them you will have a list of consoles before the list of games. Clicking Sega will being up dreamcast, genesis, master system and so on. Click one of the consoles to bring up the list of games and it will be the same from then on.
Hi Rob!

If the way RickyC explained is a little bit to complicated then post the
longplays you like here in the forum. I post you the direct download
links or i encode the movies into mp3 for you.


Hi. I'm new here but I saw one of these long playthroughs via YouTube sometime ago. Just wondering, is it possible to send a DVD blank disc to a specified address and have certain playthroughs burned and returned by chance? Or would some random copyright issues come into play or something?
I tried to download video under these links ("save as" in Google Chrome & Firefox 3.6)
Instead the file on ~2,5kb is downloaded. The request to solve this problem
That site is just having problems. When its fixed normal clicking should get you the download and right clicking gives you that small file i think.
Works now!
Download managers supported?
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