Star Trek: New Worlds request

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Hello folks, first post and first request!

Star Trek: New Worlds was an RTS game set in the TOS-Movie era of Star Trek, just after The Final Frontier. It was released by Interplay, coming out in the last years they held the license.

The plot has the Romulans testing a new weapon in the neutral zone. Following a seemingly successful test, the surrounding space distorts and suddenly a new system (or series of systems) appears. What follows is an intergalactic gold rush as each empire hurries to seize the new planets and their resources although they find much more.

In contrast to the Armada games released by Activision, New Worlds was set planetside and allowed you to play as Starfleet, the Klingons or the Romulans. From what I recall, the game had a rather unusual resource harvesting approach: you had to survey the land around your base and there was something like 6-8 different resources involved in unit and building production. Confusingly for a series defined by space vessels, the units are predominately ground units: various models of hovertanks sporting phaser/disruptor cannons and photon launchers. I believe the Klingon missions do feature a bird of prey appearance but I never saw it and don't know if it's merely background or just computer controlled.

In case it matters, there doesn't appear to be any existing video series of either let's play or longplay format of this game at all so whomsoever covers it would have a coveted 'first' crown.

A trailer is hosted on youtube here:

Thank you for your attention!
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