Hello everyone. A couple of questions..

Last updated on 15 years ago
First off, if this is in the wrong place then I apoligize.

Right, 3 questions if I may be so bold..

1)How do I donate if I dont have a paypal account? Can I send you guys or RickyC a postal order or maybe a game or something??? I would love to give something back for the hours of enjoyment you guys have given me..

2) I love your longplays and would LOVE to make a contribution to your site. Im pretty badass at the new batman game. Would a longplay of that be welcome or is the game too new?? If not, do you guys have any suggestions of a LP that you need?? I'll have a crack at anything.

3)Can you reccomend me a good DVD recorder to record my longplays?

And thats about it guys..
Im 28 fromLiverpool. I Love to game and have been gaming since I was 4-5 years old. I own basically all the consoles released in the last 20 years. (except the Jaguar and Neo geo)
My xbox live gamertag is wogsy, PS3 id is also wogsy..

Peace and love to all..

1- I'll try and find hipoonios to reply. He is the one that reals with the site and donations so I don't really know anything about it.

2- New games are welcome too but it unlikely they will be uploaded to the youtube account. They're more likely to be taken down or have copyright problems than with older games and want to keep account safe.

3- I dont think anyone here uses a DVD recorder. They're pretty expensive but any DVD recorder should do I presume. You're just recording a screen and I doubt there would be much difference in quality. Unless someone else knows something about it.
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