Half-Life with all three expansions Requests

Last updated on 13 years ago
Hi everyone this is Jack Red,
I am aware that someone is doing Half-Life 2 along with it's first two expansions.

But can someone do a run on Half-Life with all three of it's expansions.

I would like to see Half-Life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift done on PC.

I do have to ask if someone decides to do a run on Decay can they do the unofficial PC port or just PS2 version.
My friend just played Half-Life and Blue Shift. He havent finished those projects,but I can ask if he can do longplays here. He thought of making some longplays.
Half-Life is next on my list, just after Hexen.
The two extensions (Opposing Forces and Blue Shift), on the other hand, are not in my immediate plans.

Oh well! I cannot *claim* that game. There are no actual reservations, are there? If your friend feels like recording H-L and he starts before me, then so be it.

Just let me know if he starts recording... ;-)
Start work with it(if you want). I was just planned blue Shift for him. Also I havent asked him to do blue Shift yet.
No one has mentioned decay. I'm unsure if you've heard of the Decay mod created for the PC, which is more or less a pixel perfect recreation of Decay from the PS2. If no one else does it, I'll run through it.

Consider, however, that Decay is a co op game. This means that although both players stay with each other of a significant amount of the time, there are a good number of points were the paths diverge. How would such a long play be created? Decay for the PC has a way of either doing LAN/Online play, or can be played single player with the use of a "switch between characters" key.

Just wondering what everyone thought about that.
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