Questions about the requirements of a longplay submission

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I've read the instructions, but I'm still confused by a few things. Note the IRC channel no longer works so I can't chat there as was recommended so I decided to make a thread instead if that's alright?

1. The opening signature, the user has to add that themselves or can whoever will be in charge of adding it to YouTube and the site be able to do that? IF I have to do it myself, what program can I use to do this the easiest?

2. My example is a Wii game recorded in 720p on a Wii U via backwards compatibility (it's still obviously a 480p game, just the video res is 720p), but also because of cropping and such, the resulting video is an odd 1280x718. However I uploaded a test clip of this and it DOES render in 60fps on YouTube. I just want to know if this is okay. I tired MANY other methods and sadly this is the best I could do.

3. Just a note that in the game I'm submitting, I do skip the initial intro cutscene prior to the title screen, but only because the exact same intro is played again when beginning the story anyways (and that version is subtitled), just wanted to bring that up also.

I used the Elgato HD60 to record and Handbrake to crop and compress (it's very well preserved, I'm super dedicated to preserving quality :P) just to mention what programs I used. I tried Avidemux but it's been a headache to use (stopping vids short before they finish processing, audio issues, etc)

I'll submit the video in a bit, I just wanted to make sure I've done all I needed to do first.
1. you do that yourself and we use avisynth script to do it when we encode with megui
2. it doesnt matter if youtube renders it in 60 fps or not, render the game in the actual framerate and i once made a test for wii games on wii u and schlauchi said to just record wii games from the original wii, and dont record games in their non native resolution
3. if the cutscene is exactly the same and shows up twice then you dont have to leave it in there both times

We use avisynth scripts to also crop, you can use megui's avs script creator to help with cropping, if you want to use handbrake i dont know if it still keeps the video in lossless quality so you will have to get a second opinion on that but its just better to do it in megui since you have to encode it through megui anyway

if you record a wii game in 720p it will just get rejected even after you crop it
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I find the bit about resolution odd since you have a Super Mario Galaxy 2 video that is 720p60 on YouTube, among other games:
we dont really care about how youtube encodes out videos, also standards have changed since then and everything needs to be in original resolution and framerate
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Hello Hero of Legend! I am here to help you too!

First of all, use AviSynth script and MeGUI to do the encoding process in order to double the resolution and crop the video as long to keep the both original resolution and framerate.
Also check out the required resolutions in the Support Section.

Recommended codecs to make longplays for this site are: H.264, NeroAAC and Lagarith Lossless Codec.
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