Classic FPS Games

Last updated on 13 years ago
Hi everyone this is Jack Red,
I want to make a very brief list of FPS games I think need a long play on them badly.

GoldenEye on N64
Of course this would be a fun run to watch without cheating I mean we got the best James Bond game of all time.

Perfect Dark on N64
The spiritual successor to GoldenEye this game top it on just about on every level.

Doom, Doom II and Doom 3
I'm asking for not only all three of these games but also if someone so kindly do a run on Master Levels and Resurrection of Evil please.

Duke Nukem 3D
I know this isn't my first time requesting but hell it's a good game that many people are going love watching.

I have officially check my resources on this game it has three official expansions with four official add ons that have no story to them what so ever.

I didn't really care much for the sequel however the original was a classic I also would like to see someone do Plasma Pak version for the first four episodes as well as the new fifth episode.

I really want to see someone play the other expansion Cryptic Passage it's a great one that many fans are going to enjoy.

Quake and Quake II
I never played this game yet it did get a convention based on the series because of it.

This game also has two expansions can someone please do them for us.

I also want to see a run done on Quake II which isn't a sequel to Quake with both it's expansions.

Half-Life with it's expansions
I won't ask for Half-Life 2 with the first two parts of Half-Life 3 I just want to know who wants to do the original.

It would be nice to someone play Opposing Force, Blue Shift and if you given permission Decay on PC which you need a second person to play unless you can play the whole game by yourself not so exciting.

Basically Decay was an expansion for PS2 port of Half-Life however Valve never officially release it on PC so a group of fans decide to make it in a form of a mod for people to finally play.

Great idea guys now I can finally play this game when my lap top gets back to normal.

I hope this is enough to show how much I like classic FPS games.
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