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Hi there. Would any of you mind doing a longplay for these arcade fighting games below?


Dark Edge (play as Thud) - Sega's sprite-based 2D fighter set in a looping 3D environment.

Holosseum (play as Dave the Karate Shihan) - Sega's second and last game after Time Traveller to use the hi-tech hologram theater cabinet created by Sega, which also makes it the only holographic fighting game in existence. The style of the graphics resemble that of Sega's 1991 beat 'em up, D. D. Crew.

Burning Rival (play as Arnold) - Sega-AM2's first attempt in the fighting game genre after the success of Capcom's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Its anime-style graphics were way ahead of others, but the gameplay is nearly identical to SFII's. Developed by Sega's AM2 team, but without Yu Suzuki being involved.


Battle Blaze arcade (play as Kerrell) - One of Sammy's earliest (if not, the first) attempts to the fighting game genre. I'm not sure if it's been MAMEd or not, but there is the SNES version available.

Survival Arts (play as Viper) - Sammy's answer to Midway's Mortal Kombat franchise. It is one of the earliest fighting games to feature high-jumps. Unlike most fighting games, players can sometimes pick up weapons.


Perfect Soldiers (play as Star Savior) - Irem's first and only attempt in the fighting game genre. It was also the first fighting game graphically designed by the same ones who moved from Irem to SNK to design the graphics of the Metal Slug and KOF franchises.


Knuckle Heads (play as Rob Vincent) - Namco's first attempt in the fighting game genre after the success of Capcom's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. It is a weapon-based fighter released in July 1993, just a few months before SNK's Samurai Shodown franchise was born. It is also the first fighting game to allow up to four players to fight simultaneously. If you ever wonder why there are only six characters instead of eight or twelve, then you should see what happens when you beat the other five characters.


Tao Taido (play as Harry) - Video System is best known for their Aero Fighters and F1 Grand Prix franchises. This is their only attempt in the fighting game genre. Instead of using button combinations, players charge the characters up between three levels while moving the joystick in four different directions. The longer players charge up, the stronger the moves get.


Martial Champion (play as Jin) - One of Konami's first attempts in the fighting game genre after the success of Capcom's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. It is one of the earliest fighting games to feature high-jumps. Another unique thing about this game is that when weapon-using characters get hit, they sometimes drop their weapons, which give their opponents a chance to pick them up and use them. Martial Champion was followed by a spiritual sequel titled Battle Tryst.

Monster Maulers (play as Kotetsu) - Another one of Konami's first attempts in the fighting game genre after SFII's success. Only three playable characters to use against giant monsters. Plays like fighting against bosses in the Subspace Emissary mode in SSBB, but severals years before SSBB was made.

Dragoon Might (play as Yamato) - Konami's answer to SNK's Samurai Shodown franchise, with six-button gameplay controls similar to SFII's.


Violence Fight (play as Bad Blue) - One of Taito's earliest (if not their first) attempts in the fighting game genre. Game plays in a 3D environment like in SNK's Street Smart and ADK's Aggressors of Dark Kombat.

Dino Rex (play as Allosaurus) - Taito's first attempt in the fighting game genre after the success of Capcom's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Before Atari's Primal Rage, Dino Rex was the first fighting game full of prehistoric animals fighting each other.

Kaiser Knuckle (play as Kazuya) - Taito's second attempt after the success of Capcom's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. One unique feature is that it introduced the power zones, which can be utilized via complex joystick and button combinations. Another unique feature is that Kaiser Knuckle was the first and only fighting game that has 10 strengths for attack. If you think Akuma/Gouki in Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo is the toughest final boss in a fighting game, then say hi to General on the hardest difficulty setting. He'll spam with 3-way shots, frequently do low dash kicks, grab and slam your head to the ground and rub your body with his boot.


Hippodrome - Data East's second and last fighting game before the release of Capcom's Street Fighter II.

The original Fighter's History arcade (play as Ray McDougal) - Data East's first attempt in the fighting game genre after the success of Capcom's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Better known as "that fighting game that got sued by Capcom USA", Data East's Fighter's History is by no means nothing but a B-grade copycat. It's quite good in fact, especially when compared to all of the other Street Fighter II inspirations that appeared throughout 1992 and 1993. Be it Namco's Knuckle Heads, Atlus' Power Instinct or Konami's Martial Champion, none come even close to Fighter's History's smooth chain combo system - and that's probably why Capcom got bitchy and got their lawyer on the blower. And that is a shame, because Fighter's History is not a 'direct copy' (as Capcom USA argued), but a tribute - a congratulatory rethink of a game style that has been omnipresent since the heyday of Konami's Yie Ar Kung-Fu. It was really low of Capcom to try to claim the entire genre as their own, especially given that they are far from innocent in this area.
Damn them. Hell has a special place reserved for hoarding greed heads who behave like that. They lost, their reputation was tarnished.

Fighter's History Dynamite (although it's been done, play as Ray McDougal) - Data East's Fighter's History went on to make even more of a name for itself, tweaked to perfection in this excellent sequel.

Mutant Fighter (play as Hercules) - A wrestling-based fighting game.

Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty (play as Shi Jin) - A Water Margin-based fighting arcade game.

Avengers in Galactic Storm (although it's been done, play as Captain America with Iron Man as his striker.) - A 3D-rendered fighting game based on Marvel's Operation: Galactic Storm series.

Tattoo Assassins (play as Derek O'Toole) - Data East Pinball's answer to Midway's Mortal Kombat. It would of been the first to introduce animal-based finishing moves later known in the Mortal Kombat franchise as "Animalities". Another interesting thing about this is that Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale Despite not completely being released to the public, G-Mode bought the rights to this game and are welcome to license it to others.


Primal Rage arcade (play as Blizzard) - Like Taito's Dino Rex, this is about prehistoric animals fighting each other, but with some elements inspired by Midway's Mortal Kombat franchise.

Kasumi Ninja (play as Habaki) - Atari's answer to Midway's Mortal Kombat franchise. It is considered by several to be one of the worst fighting games in existence, which was released for the Atari Jaguar, Atari's last home console that was considered by several to be one of the worst home consoles in existence.


Shogun Warriors (play as Samurai) - One of Kaneko's first attempts in the fighting game genre along with Power Athlete. Based on ancient Japanese culture. It is also the predecessor of Kaneko's Blood Warrior, which was already got its own longplay.

The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan (play as Lau) - Due to expensive licensing issues with Jackie Chan, very few arcade cabinets were made and released. Similar to Midway's Mortal Kombat franchise,


Battle K-Road (play as Anthony) - Psikyo's first attempt in the fighting game genre. Like Sega's Virtua Fighter series, Battle K-Road is based on reality fighting, not fictional like throwing fireballs.

The Fallen Angels (play as Cool) - Psikyo's second and most recent attempt in the fighting game genre. It has very detailed graphics.


Astra Super Stars (play as Lettuce) - We've seen Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors, we've seen Waku Waku 7, but we haven't got to see Sunsoft's other fighting game, which unlike most other fighting games, this one is about airborne-only fighting.


Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes arcade (play as Raiya) - Tecmo's only 2D fighting game. Like Examu's Arcana Heart, this one only stars girls. It is still being used in fighting game tournaments in Japan, even today.


Street Smart - SNK's first fighting game. Players control Karate Man and/or The Wrestler in a 3D environment.


Power Instinct 1 and 2 (play as Reiji Oyama) - There is only a longplay for Power Instinct Matrimelee, so why not do a longplay for the first two games in the series?
Groove on Fight (play as Rally) - Like the first two Power Instinct titles, Groove on Fight hasn't got its own longplay, yet.


Big Fight: Big Trouble in Atlantic Ocean (play as Kevin) - Tatsumi's only attempt in the fighting game genre. Tatsumi is best known for Buggy Boy (released outside of Japan by Data East as Speed Buggy). Big Fight


Schmeiser Robo (play as Schmeiser) - Hot-B's only attempt in the fighting game genre. Hot-B is probably best known for fishing games such as the Black Bass series. Players control characters in their mech suits.

And for these four other fighting games that are home console exclusives?


Eternal Champions (play as Shadow Yamato) - A SFII-style fighting game with environmental finishing moves.
Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side (play as Shadow Yamato) - The only true sequel.


Dead Dance (play as Syoh) - Jaleco's only attempt in the fighting game genre. It plays as good as (if not, better than) the first Fighter's History.

UNOTECHNOLOGY (formally known as VICCOM)

The Eye of Typhoon (play as Hoya) - Unotechnology's second attempt in the modern fighting game genre. Unlike their other game, Fight Fever, The Eye of Typhoon was released exclusively in Korea for the 3DO and MS-DOS PCs. NOTE: merlin196 on YouTube uploaded the PC version.


SNES version of Power Athlete (play as Joe) - Released outside of Japan for the Super NES as "Power Moves" and for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive as "Deadly Moves".


Super Chinese Fighter (play as Jack) - The first versus fighting game in Culture Brain's Super Chinese series.
Hiryu no Ken S: Hyper Version (play as Ryuhi) - One of the games in Culture Brain's Hiryu no Ken/Flying Dragon franchise. Released and heavily modified outside of Japan as Ultimate Fighter.

If you need to know the commands for some of these games, see GameFAQs or go to this link below and click on the links above the logos of the games:

I appreciate it.
I agree on the Power Instinct series. Some one should put some videos about those. Most of the other game I never even hear of.
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