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Are we allowed to save and exit to continue later and then start the recording again at a later date? The game I'm planning on Longplaying is FATE, which saves and exits with all entities remaining in their spot on screen. Due to issues with scheduling, would I be able to splice together the other footage from the other recordings straight to the gameplay or would you rather I attempt to schedule a straight run through the game?
Give us more info about the game, like platform etc :)
The game is FATE, a procedurally-generated Diablo-esque RPG in which you play a young man who has recently become of age to go down into the dungeon to defeat the evils within that you've heard about. It was released for PC and was originally distributed via a terrible platform called WildGames, which was installed on some Dell Laptops with a one-time trial that would become available once every day. However, with the release onto Steam(for about 5 dollars cheaper than on WildGames) it's now very easy to get into.

The ending boss is also randomly generated and the game is based around getting quests from the villagers and completing them based off of their level of the dungeon. For example, a mission in which you must defeat a lesser boss and its minions might be given to you along with the level of descent you must go in order to find the boss, say, level 5.

So, you go down into the dungeon, and each level is procedurally generated with different enemies than a subsequent playthrough. Along the way you'll find crates to smash, Magic Anvils that have a chance of putting sockets or enchantments into your equipment you place on it(including a small chance of a curse, of course), Spell Books that have a chance to raise a character attribute by up to 4 points or possibly lower one by 1, and Fate Statues, which will have glistening gems on them. When you attempt to remove them, there's a chance of either the gems popping off easily or a boss spawning in, which will give you a large amount of XP and Fame (The two stats that allow you to level up and gain renown, giving you points to put into character attributes and skills) if you manage to defeat it.

While you're doing these actions, the narrator will always ask the same question:

Will you tempt fate?

Fate, as it would happen, is a character that isn't exactly explored, but appears anytime you die, giving you three different options:

-Give up Experience and Fame to respawn right back in the spot you were in with full health

-Give up a large amount of Gold to respawn right back in the spot you were in with full health

-You are respawned 3 levels upward at full health, with the two levels above being generated again, but you leave all of your Gold where you died
Ideally, you should edit out the main screen while quitting the game so it looks like you beat the game in one sitting.
Will do.
You can also use loading screens to mask transitions.
So, there's another idea I had while recording, and I was wondering what your thoughts were on it.

Throughout the game, you collect equipment that shows up on your character when you Save and Exit. I was wondering if I could cut out the part where I exit the game and then put in the start of my new recording onto where the title screen pops up rather than attempting to sync up my new recording through the Pause Menu, as there is enemy movement that's slight but noticeable when you pause the game. This would allow for those watching to see both the progression of the character with its equipment as well as allowing for a better, less clunky transition than my other option, which is to try to always stop my recordings in the Hub World, which would keep there from being any moving parts that people would notice being suddenly in different positions. Not only this, but the options in which I transition through the pause menus also have one major weakness in fluidity, that being the music that's being played. The game has several tracks that play at random when you start the game, which would be very noticeably different between cuts. While this wouldn't be an issue during a recording that has disclosure of why a cut is involved, the issue here is that the music very annoyingly doesn't sync up.

Wow. Who would've thought that a 12-year-old PC game would have so many issues recording seamlessly?

(The answer is everyone. Everyone has that thought.)
I uploaded a video showing the technique I'm talking about. I don't see any issues with it, but if you do have a preferred way of doing this it would be greatly appreciated.
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