Website Theme Error Blocking Website Access

Last updated on 3 years ago
A serious issue regarding the ability to change theme's in profile, many of them do not work and will effectively lock an user out of their account. The issue is essentially so that once a user has selected an alternative theme, the WOL's website server can not display anything to the user, resulting in a black or grey screen for the average user. This is however not simply an color overlap, but this error completely prohibits the site's HTML and PHP code from loading to the user, essentially blocking the user's connection to the site thereafter as-long as their logged-in after that point.

This issue affected me when I was previously setting up my first account this morning and was exploring the customization options in the site, I was unable to resolve the error and simply created a new account, avoiding the theme options hereafter. Afterwards, a DuckDuckGo web search and a WOL's forums search show that this is a known issue for many previous users of this website, I can trace it to about 2015 when it was first mentioned in these forums. I can confirm through my own experience with this website glitch, it is server side and independent of the average user's browser choices and configuration.

The issue might be very complex to solve or even isolate and I do not think it affects 100% of WOL's user-base. I simply hope this can assist others who are newer to the WOL's website or have simply never heard of this issue, up till now. This is a warning to be exceptionally careful when adjusting your theme options within "Edit Profile", you might be at risk of this website error.

Thank you for your time.
Additional technical information:

The theme I selected was Rocket.
The themes I have read in other reports have been: Pastel & Dark.
Debug information was very limited due to null delivery, but I was able to gather a single error report when trying to enter the WOL's news webpage.
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function check_panel_status() in /home/mattbwz225/domains/ on line 59"
There are not any third-party debug information that I could find on this issue.

That is all my first-hand information & experiences of this site issue, along side all important information that I could collect. I hope it helps, if a site moderator or admin would like me to modify/move/explain anything in-relation to this thread, please simply pm or email me, I will comply ASAP to your request.

Thank you for reading, I hope this thread will at-least prevent a few headaches or lost community members to this wonderful website in the future.
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