Request: Ranx (Amiga 500)

Last updated on 3 years ago
I have for years tried to find a longplay for this masterpiece of a game.
Can't find it anywhere, so i make a request for it and hope for the best. Thanks./red
Both me and Hipoonios wanted to do this game, and when someone does an Amiga longplay but leave out a bunch of stuff I personally think should be included, which could be cool secrets, funny dialogues, different ways to die, or maybe just bad settings so it doesn't have enough memory for all sound effects and maybe runs too slow etc - that's when I sometimes do a longplay of the game myself (I'm somewhat of a perfectionist), which he didn't like (as I told him that if he did this amazing game but did it... what I would consider "poorly", I would do one myself). He would get kinda angry if I did a longplay of a game he's already done, mainly (he said) as he did all the work figuring stuff out (like best way to kill a boss maybe or solve a puzzle) and that I would just watch his video and copy what he did (which I don't, but could look at it for advice, and improve upon it, called "research before doing a longplay").

So, about 2 years ago, I promised him HE could do this longplay and I wouldn't do my own no matter what. He left the Amiga scene shortly after and have yet done a new Amiga longplay.

Maybe it's time I do it? Was kinda hard finding a solution for the game, as the only one(s) available was in French, and the only "playthrough" I found on YouTube was made with cheats so they didn't have to worry about getting money. Maybe there's a more proper playthrough of the game today that I could take a look at, or English written walkthrough. Not had a look so don't know. He and I did find enough material to guide us through it, but I've lost it, I think. Anyway, could be easy to find again, or like I said - maybe there's proper and more easily accessible material today I could use.
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