Help me find old arcade vertical shmups

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Help me find the game. Played about 30 years ago (~1992). Vertical shmups. The spaceship is similar to xevios, but the background is at first simple dark with the stars? Further the background as if over the big spaceship or base flies (yellow/sand color), there start spaceships on the runways. Similar to Omega Fighter but not. The player's ship has lasers, and a sight for missiles that shoot at the bunkers (like Xevious). All spaceships are small. Remember enemy little ships shooting with a flamethrower. Arcade cabinet ordinary, a little old type, coloring dark tones. I've been looking for a long time. Revisited a ton of games, can't findRevisited a ton of games, can't find.
Did you try looking through the MAME Extra´s scrrenshots?
Based on your description, it's challenging to pinpoint the exact game you're referring to. However, I can suggest a few possibilities that you might want to investigate further:
1. R-Type (1987): R-Type is a popular vertical scrolling shooter game known for its distinctive spaceship design and challenging gameplay. While the background may not match your description exactly, it's worth considering due to its popularity and gameplay elements.
2. Gradius series: The Gradius series, known for its side-scrolling shoot 'em up gameplay, features a spaceship that can obtain power-ups to enhance its abilities. The series has multiple installments released around the early 1990s.
3. Darius series: The Darius series is another notable shoot 'em up franchise featuring vertically scrolling gameplay. It has various sequels and spin-offs released during the late 1980s and early 1990s.
4. Thunder Force series: The Thunder Force series includes several vertical scrolling shooter games with different installments released during the late 1980s and early 1990s. It features fast-paced action and a variety of power-ups.
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