That is how I organize my longplay videos in my PC

Last updated on 6 months ago
I'm a huge fan of longplay videos which I think is as entertaining as watching movies on Netflix. I'm gradually building a collection of game playthrough videos, I must have collected over 2000 files so far. Yet, storing them in classic Windows folders isn't meeting my satisfaction and I had to evolve to a smarter way. So I thought of sharing my organization scheme with you good fellas.

First of all, I'm using Stagsi, a very useful file organizer which can be found right there:

Once I import longplay videos in Stagsi, I assign a custom thumbnail to them; it's generally a snapshot of the game's title screen or a key event in the game. Here's an example of a recent batch I've imported in Stagsi: (452) by Gamezopher zopher, on Flickr

The reason I'm using Stagsi is because it allows me to use many helpful tools to tag my videos and quickly search them later. For example, I can search a specific condition such as: "give me only snes games that use a top-down view and that aren't RPG". In the following screenshot, you can see the way I group tags especially for longplay videos: (454) by Gamezopher zopher, on Flickr

Another cool thing is that Stagsi allows to store bookmarks of various chapters in a video. In the following example, I have a longplay video called "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts" (amazing SNES game, by the way) to which I've properly split into chapters: (453) by Gamezopher zopher, on Flickr

Technically, you only need to import M3U files in Stagsi and then assign a custom thumbnail to them. It's like having one big video files fragmented into chapters. It's incredibly convenient to navigate some very long JRPG videos. One epic example is Xenogear, the duration of this longplay video is... 3 days, haha!

I personally use this program on a daily basis and I think it's a life saver. It's definitely the best file organizer I've used to date. You can create a database for any file, not just videos. I also use Stagsi to sort my vgmusic files (mp3 and flac files).

I've create a few tutorials on my YouTube channel if you want to get started quickly, here's the playlist:

Let me know if you need help and if it's useful for you too. See ya!
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