An issue with AVI dumping in Bizhawk

Last updated on 3 years ago
Hi, everyone!

Now I'm working on my PS1 longplay of "V.I.P.".

After I recorded AVI file, I noticed tearing in the video (it happens, when characters are moving). Here is a screenshot:

I'm using Bizhawk (version 2.2.1) for recording movies and dumping. On the screenshot below you can see my sync settings.

When I'm dumping AVI file I disable Alternate Sync. On TASVideos I found some tips for AVI dumping in Bizhawk: "Enable Alternate Sync: File -> AVI/WAV -> Config and Record AVI/WAV. If the version of BizHawk is pre-2.5 Alternate Sync must only be enabled for PAL titles." I play NTSC-U version of the game.

May be I'm doing something wrong? Or it's normal for some PS1 games. I know, that some people have more experience in recording PS1 longplays. I would be glad, if some one give me advice about that. I don't want to my longplay will be rejected.

Thanks in advance for any response.
Is this the only game with this issue?
At this moment yes, it's first game, in which I noticed that. When I recorded my previous PS1 longplays by using Bizhawk, I have not seen anything like this. Maybe it's emulation problem. I know, that Bizhawk uses Mednafen core to emulate PlayStation, but I didn't find compatibility list for Mednafen.
This might be an issue because the emulator is running 60fps where the game only does 30fps and these screen tearings happen on the in between frames
I made some tests to investigate this. First, I recorded a small part of gameplay by using latest version of Bizhawk (2.6.1 at this moment) and I've got same result - tearing.

Then I tried to find some footages recorded from real hardware. On I found speedrun ( recorded from Playstation 2 with pretty good quality. I took some frames from the video and there is also tearing during gameplay. Here is the link to the image:

Interesting fact: only 3D models are tearing while move (for backgrounds the game uses 2D pre-rendered pictures, and they are always static).I think, It's game implementation feature. And perhaps it will be acceptable for the site.

I will also ask NPI about this, because he is one of the admins, who's publishing longplays. It's very important to know his opinion.
If it does the same on real hardware then it will be accepted here
That's good news.
The blurriness in some games is due to PS1's technical limitations. Remember, 3D games in 1996 weren't that detailed if we compare them to more modern generations. So that's something you shouldn't worry about.
Well, there is no blurriness in recorded video. Just some tearing... I understand, that some of the PS1 games may not be optimized well enough for hardware.

Anyway, as we know, PlayStation emulation is pretty good at this moment, but not ideal. So I decided to ask more experienced users for advice, because I may not know some of the nuances with Bizhawk and AVI dumping.

Early I used ePSXe emulator for running PS1 games and I did not think how accurately the console is emulated.
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