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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Mega Drive / Genesis
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Publication Date: 05/12/2017
YouTube Release: 15/03/2021
Duration: 01:27:09
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Player's Review

Outrunners for the Sega Mega-Drive / Genesis was released in 1994 based upon the Arcade original released in 1992. I am re-visiting this longplay as their is more to show that I missed in the previous run. Also note that this is the Japanese version of the game. The US version has few things cut like the Sonic intro, sonic billboards and the VR Racing Formula car.

The first thing noticed is that the game is forced split screen. This is likely due to the original arcade game being dual screen and for some reason didn't even make it an option to just have one full screen. If there is any positives to be found, it would be that it makes blocking the ai car a little easier, at least when it doesn't outright drive through you.

I start out the longplay in Original Mode. Initialy I thought this was just a simple vs mode. But no, you just race against each car in turn until you face the VR Racing boss car (Not in US version). Beat it, watch the credits and the VR Racing car is now unlocked for play in Arcade Mode.

Next up is Arcade mode. Recording this is probably overkill as all the endings have been seen in Original mode at this point. I start out by showing off the VR Racing car and also the hidden Jingle Bells music. I then go through each of the other cars and take a different route for each run changing the music on some runs. Note that there is a lot of music in this game. Each car has its own soundtrack and there are a couple more to find when choosing soundtrack. Also note that you need to be in first place to have control over the soundtrack selection. There is also a Radio Mode where each stage has its own soundtrack. I have tried to show them all, but may have missed something. Nothing happens after completing all 10 routes.

As and Extra, I will add a shorter video of the US version to compare against. The Japanese release is the better version to go for though.The game is a short but still very enjoyable game only really let down by its forces split screen mode and poor voice samples.

00:00:00 Play through of 'Original Mode'
00:18:51 Arcade Mode Route 1 (VR Racing - Jingle Bells)
00:25:40 Arcade Mode Route 2 (Speed Buster)
00:32:41 Arcade Mode Route 3 (Bad Boy)
00:39:21 Arcade Mode Route 4 (Mad Power)
00:45:53 Arcade Mode Route 5 (Wild Chaser)
00:52:29 Arcade Mode Route 6 (Smooth Operator)
00:59:12 Arcade Mode Route 7 (Quick Reactor)
01:05:38 Arcade Mode Route 8 (Road Monster)
01:12:18 Arcade Mode Route 9 (Easy Handling)
01:18:48 Arcade Mode Route 10 (VR Racing Formula - No Music)