The Humans

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Publication Date: 02/07/2016
YouTube Release: 07/03/2023
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Player's Review

The Humans is a puzzle game published and released by GameTek in 1992. It was released shortly after Lemmings, hoping to capitalize on the popularity of this style of game. The goal of The Humans varies per level, but is usually to find a certain item, bring a Human to the designated end area, or to kill all monsters on a level. To do this, the player must take advantage of the Humans' ability to build a Human ladder and use tools, such as spears, torches, wheels, ropes and, in later levels, a witch doctor.

The Humans was released for many different consoles, with the Jaguar and Lynx versions published by Atari, titled Evolution: Dino Dudes and Dinolympics respectively. Two sequels have been released: The Humans 2: The Jurassic Levels for Amiga and PC, and The Humans III: Evolution/Lost in Time... for Amiga (AGA) and PC. In 2009, it was rereleased for Windows under the name The Humans: Meet the Ancestors!

This is a pretty good puzzle, but there is too much tedium. A lot of space in the levels seems redundant too, as it feels like there is no reason why would the player need to slowly walk for so long with nothing happening other than to waste your timer. I also don't like how the game requires surgical precision in execution of some actions, especially the lowering of a rope, as it feels out of place in a puzzle game.

The Genesis version requires the player to choose between sound effects or music, unlike the PC and Amiga versions, which utilize both simultaneously.

The game gives you a bonus of 2,000 points if you place a Human on a plant near the level goal, but I never bothered to show it.