Math Blaster: Episode 1

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Publication Date: 19/11/2017
YouTube Release: 27/02/2022
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Player's Review

Math Blaster Episode I: In Search of Spot (released on the SNES and Mega Drive as Math Blaster: Episode I) is an educational video game in a line of educational products for home computers created by Davidson & Associates and a remake of their earlier New Math Blaster Plus! from 1991. A remake was done in 1996 released as "Mega Math Blaster". When Knowledge Adventure merged with Davidson & Associates in 1997 the game had a new makeover the following year under the title Math Blaster: Ages 6-9. Finally it was repackaged as Math Blaster: 3rd Grade in 1999.

The Mega Drive port was developed by Western Technologies Inc. and published by Davidson & Associates.

A sequel called Math Blaster Episode II: Secret of the Lost City was released in 1995 for Windows and Macintosh.

The SNES and Genesis versions do not have the Number Recycler level.

This is probably the most entertaining educational game I have ever seen. The mix of action and educational elements reminds me of the game Typing of the Dead, except here you solve arithmetic problems.

Played on difficulty level 12. One through three will give you addition problems, lower setting meaning easier problems. Four through six gives you subtraction, seven through nine presents multiplication, and ten through twelve give you division problems.