Santa Claus no Takarabako

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Famicom Disk System
Subtitle Language:
Additional Info: Fan Translation
Publication Date: 15/12/2021
YouTube Release: 25/12/2023
Duration: 00:24:51
File Size: 35.62 MB (36476.29 KB)
Downloads: 137 downloads
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Player's Review

Quoting the GiantBomb article:
'Santa Claus no Takarabako is a simulator that allows the user to create custom sprite-based Christmas cards. The player can select a message, modify a walking sprite of Santa Claus and choose a background image and music to accompany the message.

The secondary mode provides various random generators for gambling games, such as a quintet of dice for Yahtzee (a.k.a. Dice Poker), a spinning roulette wheel or a bingo sheet. The game does not track progress, so the players themselves must be responsible for any scorekeeping.'

A little Christmas gift from me and the rest of the longplayer team at WoL. Smile