Arumana no Kiseki

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Famicom Disk System
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Publication Date: 17/09/2012
YouTube Release: 15/12/2023
Duration: 00:36:27
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Player's Review

Platformer or something by Konami.

Alternative: Armana no Kiseki, Almana no Kiseki, Miracle of Almana.

A jewel is stolen and everyone is turned to stone. Some d00d (who I shall dub Jndiana Iones) is tasked to recover the jewel.

Kinda basic: jump, use stuff, and use a grappling hook. Some doors have enemies that give power-ups. Game is kinda difficult. X_X

This (no skill) longplay goes through the game once. There are times I spam a door with an enemy with weapons. Too bad I overstocked, thus wasting time. -_- But...this IS a longplay. :3 Noob'd through the final boss because the spirit thingies make the boss too hard.

Stage 1/4/6 BGM = favorite!