Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (Enhanced)

'Let's glue money to him and toss him into a pit full of lawyers.'

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Author(s): AFigureInBlackAFigureInBlack
System: DOS
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Publication Date: 18/10/2021
YouTube Release: 02/01/2024
Duration: 02:49:08
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Player's Review

This classic adventure game was one of the first I ever played. This is the Enhanced edition. I made this video having in mind those that are not familiar with the game. I try all possible solutions to a puzzle before going for the actual solution. To make the game more realistic, I collect the various items when I figure out that I need them and not before. The extended duration of the video is because of that. Also, having to play the game in a tiny window didn't make my task easier. At the end of the video is a collection of fails and deaths, all I could find. Many thanks to the guides of Game Cat and Laffer for the valuable help.