Jaguar XJ220

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Mega-CD / Sega-CD
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Publication Date: 14/04/2016
YouTube Release: 27/03/2021
Duration: 04:06:57
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Player's Review

Not a bad racing game. World Tour mode was played. Not a massive difference between the modes. World tour just seems to add the ability to choose your race.

A tad difficult in places mainly due to the AI cars that treat corners the same as a straight line. Annoying when I have to get out the car and push round a 90 degree corner and the ai just speed past Wink Some of qualifing times are unreal too, not taking into account the need to slow down.

On last race I went into pits just to show it a little. Didnt matter as I had enough points to win overall. Which brings to my last gripe, A single end screen, real rewarding and I dont now why there is even a constructers chapionship league table as it has no effect on the end of the game in either mode.Wink A added the game over screen to the end of the vid which you get if you run out of money or lose ovall (not 1st on league table)

Overall I think the Amiga version is better in presentation, gfx, sonix and gameplay. Using the sega-cd Rotation/scaling processor for the racing doesnt really help it either and there is no real sense of speed in this version and the gfx just look blocky.

Part 2 - A new video showing the Grand prix mode which is more basic than world tour as its just a run through of all 16 tracks each with a qualifying round. The ending is unfortunately exactly the same. This was recorded in a better emulator so the UI is rendered properly

Again some tracks can be annoying to get round having to slow right down on tight corners and the ai cars just blast through. I guess using manual gears would have helped but I much prefer to just hold a button down and not do much thinking while playing these games Wink