Time Warner Interactives V.R. Virtua Racing

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 19/08/2017
YouTube Release: 18/01/2021
Duration: 03:53:45
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Player's Review

Virtua Racing for the Sega Saturn released and developed in 1995 by Time Warner Integrative.

The Mega Drive and 32X versions of Virtua Racing were developed by Am2 and no part of those games were used by Time Warner to develop the Saturn version. The handling of the cars are completely different and overall a much easier game. the game also has a higher framerate making it easier to judge the corners at speed. The Saturn version has 10 tracks which are accessible in Practice and Grand-Prix modes. Arcade mode is just the original 3 tracks with the Formula car and nothing is unlocked for finishing it.

In this longplay I first show off Arcade mode follower by Grand-prix mode. GP mode is the main bulk at takes a long time to complete as you progress through the games 5 vehicles playing on the available tracks in any order. I play on Ace difficulty as I didn't want to chance anything but the best ending after all this effort. There are no replays shown in the video as there was an emu bug that caused the cd audio to skip so I've not shown them. After all is said and done the final animation appears but there is no apparent credit role in the game. Having to complete all 10 tracks once the formula is unlocked felt like a grind.

00:08:30 Arcade Mode - Big Forest - Formula
00:13:01 Arcade Mode - Bay bridge - Formula
00:17:40 Arcade Mode - Acropolis - Formula

00:23:00 Grand-Prix Mode - Amazon Falls - Go Kart
00:32:17 Grand-Prix Mode - Surfers Speedway Oval - Go Kart
00:42:20 Grand-Prix Mode - Big Forest - Stock car
00:50:21 Grand-Prix Mode - Alpine - Stock Car
01:00:05 Grand-Prix Mode - Bay Bridge - Stock car
01:07:40 Grand-Prix Mode - Surfers Speedway Road - Race car
01:17:55 Grand-Prix Mode - Diablo Canyon - Race Car
01:28:10 Grand-Prix Mode - Acropolis - Race Car
01:37:50 Grand-Prix Mode - Metropolis - Race Car
01:46:11 Grand-Prix Mode - Pacific Coast - Prototype
01:56:05 Grand-Prix Mode - Amazon Falls - Prototype
02:03:00 Grand-Prix Mode - Surfers Speedway Oval - Prototype
02:10:05 Grand-Prix Mode - Big Forest - Prototype
02:17:05 Grand-Prix Mode - Alpine - Prototype
02:26:00 Grand-Prix Mode - Bay Bridge - Formula
02:34:15 Grand-Prix Mode - Surfers Speedway Road - Formula
02:43:50 Grand-Prix Mode - Diablo Canyon - Formula
02:53:50 Grand-Prix Mode - Acropolis - Formula
03:03:30 Grand-Prix Mode - Metropolis - Formula
03:11:35 Grand-Prix Mode - Pacific Coast - Formula
03:20:55 Grand-Prix Mode - Amazon Falls - Formula
03:28:30 Grand-Prix Mode - Surfers Speedway Oval - Formula
03:36:15 Grand-Prix Mode - Big Forest - Formula
03:43:30 Grand-Prix Mode - Alpine - Formula

03:22:00 Point of interest: Hidden road in Amazon Falls. Very risky as it can cause you to be a lap behind or not record any more laps properly.