F1 Challenge

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 19/08/2017
YouTube Release: 21/01/2021
Duration: 01:27:13
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Player's Review

F1 Challenge for the Sega Saturn released in 1995. The game looks like a F1 Simulator game, it kind of plays like a simulator game, but it is setup as an Arcade game with only 5 drivers and 6 tracks to choose from.

To complete the game you simply need to come first on the 6 available tracks. Sounds simple enough, but wait..you also need to play it on hard mode which does make a few of the tracks quite challenging as the race leaders will always be just behind you waiting for you to make a mistake. Each race is 8 laps and you always start at the back. The sim aspect of the game comes from the small amount of configuration which I mostly leave alone to show the game can be done as is without messing although I do dump some fuel as you start off with more than you need and you accelerate faster with less fuel in the tank. The Arcade aspect is simply that you must push your way to first place while slipping and sliding down the road. You will need to pit in at some point and get fresh tires for grip if you hope to win though.

Just when you think it is all over, it throws one of those 'Well done...now you have unlocked very hard mode!' at me......Sigh. Well I cheated my way through that mode (code to start in first and a one lap race was used) to show you what happens when that mode is beaten .... the effort was worth it ! ......well ok, no it wasn't. nothing extra unlocked.

00:02:32 Hockenheim
00:18:35 Suzuka
00:33:50 Montecarlo
00:46:25 Neo City Novice
00:55:25 Neo City Advanced
01:05:45 Neo City Expert
01:23:30 Very Hard mode Ending