Street Racer Extra

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 24/09/2017
YouTube Release: 25/01/2021
Duration: 02:39:12
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Player's Review

Street Racer was released and published by ubisoft for multiple systems in the mid nineties and here is the Sega Saturn version released in 1996. The version played here is the Japanese release called Street Racer Extra. It was also released in the EU region as just Street Racer and not released in the US for some reason.

This version of the game is perhaps the definitive edition as it is notably more polished than the Playstation release with a few more graphical effects going on like shadows and the rotating sky. The Playstation version does have transparency effects going for it though which the saturn can't easily do. The Amiga version (based on the 1995 Mega Drive game) and the pc version (based on the 1996 Playstation game) were released later in 1997.

I play the game on Normal/Medium difficulty as they game can get stupid on higher levels and I didn't want to have to replay any of the long championships. Its still by no means an easy task to win as the game is essentially a dual due to the game picking a favourite at the start of each championship meaning they will get 1st every time if you do not. You will see that main opponent not care to much that you are bashing it about.

Also, this is a full run of the game. When I recorded the Playstation version I did not realise a Platinum championship had opened up as it was not ghosted on the championship screen. I have recorded this time so you will see the short win message on the credits roll. The Platinum championship is a long 24 race championship and as the cartoon is fully unlocked after completing gold, platinum feels quite unrewarding for the effort. You do unlock the option to setup your own championship through 'Advanced Menu' if you really want more from the game....

00:00:00 Bronze Championship
00:17:20 Silver Championship
00:43:25 Gold Championship
01:24:00 Platinum Championship
02:24:30 Rumble Championship