High Velocity Mountain Racing Challenge

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 27/02/2018
YouTube Release: 03/11/2021
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Player's Review

High Velocity - Mountain Racing Challenge, developed by cave and published by Atlus for the Sega Saturn in 1996. Also known as Touge King the Spirits in Japan, released in 1995.

This is one of the earlier driving game releases for the Saturn and that really shows in this video as the game hasn't really aged well. The game has a simple premise. Complete all 36 races to become king of the mountain. There are 3 courses and 6 difficulty tiers. each course has a forward and reverse direction. Completing all races should give you a sense of pride and accomplishment as the game sure as hell wont reward you with an end screen or even a credit roll. What you can do is go back into the first race and unlock a Porsche to drive around in, maybe useful for the time trial modes as the car does handle quite well. Once each race is complete you can race them again if you want to with the ability to use the tuning options for each car. Tuning is always available if playing the time trial mode.

I do complete all races but you wont see much drifting action going on as I just can not get the mechanic down and tackle it more with maintaining grip. When attempting drift the cars will often get a huge boost in acceleration but slide outwards hitting the wall causing massive slow down and I just find it to risky to attempt as one error can ball it takes for the ai driver to woosh past and never be seen again. The game difficulty ramps up at tier 5 and is nearly impossible at tier 6.

After completing all tracks I go into time trial mode to show off the Porsche. Once this is done I enter some cheats to enable the Truck and an Obstacle Course. The course is a time trial but the times are not saved so I just mess about sliding the truck around, just to show it off. I am not even sure where all the checkpoints are on the course as they just randomly go off if I happen to hit the mark. I think the overall presentation of the game is pretty bad as it doesn't give a very clear route of progression apart from turning completed races yellow. The frame rate of the game feels low although the cars are mostly very twitchy. The look of the game is average for a 1995 driving game although its stand out feature is draw distance. Having to play through 36 races soon makes the game feel repetitive and I wouldn't rate this game very highly at all. Maybe one above Race Drivin. Interestingly, the Japanese version is all in English as well and on the surface it appears only the title screen is changed.

00:00:00 Play all 36 races in an odd order.
02:14:40 Replay Race 1 to unlock the Porsche
02:18:40 Time Trial Mode - All 3 Tracks.
02:32:25 Enter cheat for Truck and Obstacle course.