Fighters Megamix

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 13/08/2018
YouTube Release: 29/01/2021
Duration: 02:00:24
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Player's Review

Fighters Megamix is a Sega Saturn game developed by AM2. It combined Virtua Fighter. Fighting Vipers and even Virtua Cop 2 and Daytona USA. The US version played here was released in 1997.

I'm not that great at fighting games so no awesome combos to be seen here. This longplay is a run through all the courses with a few extras to show off at the end. The game is much better than Fighting Vipers in stability and play ability. No weirdness with ai pulling off moves they should not be able to although they still seem to block all your decent moves and even slowing the game down I could not always make them work.

There are 9 courses and each one has 7 fights. The final boss fight unlocks that boss/secret for the player to use. I have used each unlockable character as they are made available for the next course in order to show them. The game has some crazy unlock requirements for some of the secret characters suck as pulling all moves off for chacracters in training mode and playing the game for 84 hours. Thankfully with a bit of savegame editing magic I have unlocked everything. I have made the saveram file available on with the videos if anyone wants them.

I am not sure, but I think one of the differences with Japanese version is that you cant proceed to Course I until you have managed 1200 hits in training to unlock it. you get access to a minigame as well to show some extra Janet pictures.

00:00:00 Course A Novice Trial - Dural - Unlocks 3rd Costume, Schoolgirl Candy, Orange Picky, Pandachan maybe a couple of others (can select with X button on those characters)

00:13:25 Course B Virtua Fighters - Schoolgirl Candy - Unlock VR Kids
00:25:25 Course C Vipers - VR Kids Sarah - Unlocks Urabahn
00:39:00 Course D Girls - Urabahn - Unlocks Janet (Virtua Cop 2)
00:59:08 Course E Muscles - Janet - Unlocks Bark/Bean (Sonic the Fighters)
01:12:20 Course F Smart Guys - Bean - Unlocks rentaHero
01:12:20 Course G Dirty Fighters - RentaHero - Unlocks Deku
01:22:45 Course H Bosses - Deku - Unlocks Siba
01:33:15 Course I Secrets - Siba - Unlocks Hornet (Daytona USA)

01:44:05 3 Minute Survival mode with the Hornet Car. Completing all 3 survival modes with 5, 7 and 11 wins minimum would unlock Hyper Mode (not shown). You do have to let the timer run out to win.

From here I edit my savegame to add extra Hours, Power Ons and Plays. This unlocks Mr Meat (Niku?) and Am2 Palmtree (Yashinoki?). The final savegame uploaded to archive has all secret options unlocked,

01:54:40 - VS Mode, Hyper Mode On - Mr Meat.
01:57:05 - VS Mode Am2 Palm Tree
01:59:05 - VS Mode Orange Picky. No real reason, just to show costume.