Fighting Vipers

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 13/08/2018
YouTube Release: 29/01/2021
Duration: 01:40:33
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Player's Review

Fighting Vipers is a 3D fighting game first released in the Arcade and shortly after ported to the Sega Saturn in 1995.

I don't normally record fighting games as i'm not really a fan of them so this is a no skills longplay. you wont see any combos or awesome moves, only button mashing the basic move set. I know I suck at the game and don't need to read it again in the comments Wink

The Japanese release is being played as it has a few extras not found in the US/EU release. Thankfully it is all in English anyway. I must note that there seems to be a lot of emulation issues with this game. Apart from some gfx glitching the ai fighters would become un responsive if they got a throw move off and you would just clip right through them. Quite often they would get a throw move off that requires being behind me when they were not which is maybe what was causing them to glitch.

I'm not a big fan of these games and this game didn't do anything to change that. The ai fighters seemed to always be prepared for any special moves or throws I tried to use and I was rarely ever able to block any of theirs. Even slowing the game down to watch the frames, the game was having non of it. Anyway the longplay is what it is so time to list what is going on in the video. There are several plas shown as they are individually quite short.

00:00:00 I start off with Arcade mode set to original and Very Hard. This is in order to unlock characters and costumes and special options. You'll note that I meet everyone's Favourite super hero 'Pepsiman' who jumps in to save me from being beaten to death by the main opponent again. I defeat Pepsiman to unlock him as a character. Note one of the ending pics Pepsiman is featured with the opponent that bested me. I suspect there is an unlockable image for every character where Pepsiman jumps in. Maybe I should have used the reset Pepsiman option on every run. I didn't so those pictures if they exist are not shown in the video.

00:14:05 Play through with Pepsiman on Normal and Arrange mode. Main difference I believe is a few extra moves and that your score/time is not saved at the end.

00:27:05 Play through as Honey on Very Hard and Hyper mode. The idea here was to win this and unlock all her costumes and undergarment reveal! Unfortunately it didn't pan out. While the other costumes are available in other fight modes, the undergarment secret didn't unlock. It might have been due to Hyper mode if the cheat required Original mode, I do not know. In Hyper mode you can smash off your own armour with an easy combo. This leaves you vulnerable for an easy defeat but also super fast to hurt the opponent quickly.

00:39:45 Play through as Mahler, Raxel and Tokio. After 50 rounds I was able to unlock Kumachan. During the Tokio play, I used 10 continues (I cut them out to save video length) on the final round in order to unlock a special ending image. Not shown is a second play to get his normal ending image.

01:20:08 Play through as Kumachan Panda costume. This unlocks an alternate ending to the intro shown after the fight.

01:35:25 Not shown, I complete arcade mode with all remaining characters including Kumachan bear in 1 round mode in order to unlock all their ending pictures. I now show all the ending images I have collected. I was not able to unlock the Kumachan secret image.