Battle Garegga

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 29/08/2019
YouTube Release: 07/08/2022
Duration: 01:17:19
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Player's Review

Shmup by Raizing.

Follow two brothers as they use their own secret ships against a company they built ships for. Something like that.

Gameplay involves, well, shooting things. Also has a REALLY deep(?) scoring mechanic, where destroying things certain ways give you more points than others. For example, that background thing? Use a bomb to destroy it. This game is also infamous for its ranking system, where playing the game "well" will make it angry by making the enemies REALLY REALLY aggressive, and only dying will control the rank and make the game manageable.

This longplay plays through the game twice: once with a non-tate screen with Saturn soundtrack using a Garegga ship and once AGAIN in Tate mode with Original soundtrack with a Mahou ship whilescoring REALLY bad and failing to keep the Rank in check, despite suiciding a lot.