Tokoro-san no Mamoru-mo Semeru-mo

Longplay Information

Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer
Subtitle Language:
Additional Info: Fan Translation
Publication Date: 25/06/2020
YouTube Release: 25/01/2024
Duration: 00:18:58
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Player's Review

According to GiantBomb:
'Tokoro-san no Mamorumo Semerumo is an action platformer that stars real-life Japanese musician/comedian/voice-actor Tokoro Jouji, a.k.a. George Tokoro. Armed with a water pistol with a finite supply of water, Toroko-san must make his way across various levels either shooting or avoiding the various enemies along the way.'

This longplay covers all places in the game, without repeating any of them (possible on emulators though by tool-assisting, since the doors at the end of each level lead to one of both destinations randomly).