Swamp Thing

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Author(s): JohnX895JohnX895
System: Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer
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Publication Date: 28/06/2019
YouTube Release: 14/08/2022
Duration: 00:27:00
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Player's Review

The game is made based on comics. In the swamps and swamps of Louisiana stood Dr. Holland's biochemist's house. He developed a substance that can restore and accelerate the growth of plants in the barren areas of the Earth. The scientist had a good purpose - to destroy hunger on the planet. But the villain Dr. Arkana had other plans for the potion. He planted a bomb in Holland's house. The bomb exploded, everything caught fire, including Holland himself, spattered with his invention. The scientist rushed into the swamp to extinguish himself. Because of the interaction of the substance with the swamp microorganisms, Holland has become something called Swamp Thing ... The game belongs to the genre of walkers, where you control this very Swamp Thing. Perfectly executed, the game is able to captivate. Designed for one player.