Bike Daisuki! Hashiriya Tamashii (Fan Translation)

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Super Nintendo / Super Famicom
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Additional Info: Fan Translation
Publication Date: 27/08/2020
YouTube Release: 29/05/2023
Duration: 00:40:18
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Player's Review

From GiantBomb:
'Bike Daisuki! Hashiriya Tamashii: Rider's-Spirits is a 1994 motorbike racing game for the Super Famicom. The game takes many cues from Super Mario Kart, including the overall look of the game, its use of Mode 7 tracks and the way it starts each race with a panning camera shot.'

Similar to Mario Kart but with motorcycles. All the difficulty modes were played with different characters.