Justice League Task Force

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Author(s): Valis77Valis77
System: Super Nintendo / Super Famicom
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Publication Date: 30/03/2018
YouTube Release: 27/12/2021
Duration: 00:39:46
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Player's Review

What?....you're asking me what this game is about? *sighs* ok

Darkseid attacks the planet Earth, destroying a military base in the process. The player takes control of a member of the Justice League of their choosing, and tracks down the other members for information, only to be attacked by them. As the hero defeats the other Justice League members, they discover that they are in fact android duplicates. Coming to this conclusion, the hero battles Cheetah and then Despero for more information.

They both lead the hero to Darkseid, who then forces the hero to fight their own duplicate. Upon defeating the clone, the hero must face Darkseid himself. After the hero defeats him, the other League members are freed, and the military base is restored.

Happy now? this game isn't all that good but it exist.