The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords - Anniversary Edition

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: DS
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Publication Date: 29/04/2022
YouTube Release: 03/04/2023
Duration: 07:51:39
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Player's Review

Originally conceived as a multiplayer-only game when it was first released on GBA (bundled with A Link to the Past), it was later re-released via the DSiWare service, adding a single player mode as a new feature, though it was only available for a limited time until February 2012. A funny fact: The 3DS eShop re-release took only 4 days for it to be pulled out!

The objective here is to save Princess Zelda from Vaati, who's one of Ganon's minions, and it's also the main antagonist in 'TLoZ: The Minish Cap'.

The game itself consists of three regions where Link has to explore, each one containing a bossfight at the end. Those regions just have three areas, two of which are randomly chosen and with a level structure that changes every time you play any region (except for Vaati's Palace and the unlockable worlds). Depending on the loop, a certain amount of rupees in a region is required to progress (there are three loops in total, and after that the rupee requirement is no more).

0:00:00 - Intro

0:04:58 - Chambers of Insight (tutorial world)
0:43:26 - Sea of Trees (Lv1)
0:57:03 - Talus Cave (Lv1)
1:11:43 - Death Mountain (Lv1)
1:26:42 - Vaati's Palace (Lv1)

1:48:37 - Sea of Trees (Lv2)
2:03:32 - Talus Cave (Lv2)
2:17:50 - Death Mountain (Lv2)
2:31:21 - Vaati's Palace (Lv2)

2:55:09 - Sea of Trees (Lv3)
3:09:44 - Talus Cave (Lv3)
3:30:46 - Death Mountain (Lv3)

3:49:41 - Realm of Memories (right door)
4:16:42 - Realm of Memories (left door)
4:36:51 - Realm of Memories (big middle door)

5:05:06 - Hero's Trial (right door)
5:39:07 - Hero's Trial (left door)
6:14:20 - Hero's Trial (big middle door)

6:55:09 - Vaati's Palace (Lv3)
7:44:29 - Ending