Rayman Raving Rabbids 3: TV Party

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Publication Date: 06/01/2020
YouTube Release: 11/04/2021
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Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party (also known as Rayman Raving Rabbids 3: TV Party) is a video game developed by Ubisoft and is the third installment in the Rayman Raving Rabbids'series. A teaser trailer was released on April 29, 2008. The trailer, showing a Rabbid swallowing a Wii Balance Board, indicating the gameplay would make use of the device and as such would be a Nintendo exclusive, just as the previous title of the series, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.

In this third installment of the Rabbids series, the Rabbids take control of Rayman's TV station(and probably others) and monopolize their transmissions during a whole week. Each day of this week contains a different set of minigames, and some of them make use of the Wii Balance Board. All the minigames follow the TV theme, being based on films, fitness programs, gardening programs and all sorts of shows. The "ads" are present in the form of microgames which appear randomly during gameplay, lasting only a few seconds. Clearing a microgame awards a bonus to the winning player. The game allows up to 8 players in turn based mode. This is the last Rabbids game to feature Rayman. It is followed by Rabbids Go Home.

Rayman is running away from a group of rabbids who are then distracted by lightning, which later, before the distraction, causes Rayman to stop running. Nevertheless, they continue to chase Rayman after it stops, which puts Rayman to running again, but are struck by the lightning which connects to a dilapidated Rayman's house where he hides. The lightning then teleports the Rabbids through the TV antenna, through the TV wire, trapping them in the TV and turning them into 2D versions, much to Rayman's astonishment. He turns the TV on and it suddenly from channel to channel, retro 2D Rabbids appear on it. As the player plays through the game, there are cutscenes showing Rayman trying to get rid of the TV, to no avail. At the end of the game, Rayman breaks the TV, (with his shoe, in which he takes off after being so angry) freeing the Rabbids, much to his shock. Rayman then runs off from the house with the Rabbids chasing after him, but one Rabbid stays in the house. This one gets its ears stuck in Rayman's vacuum cleaner and mistakes the TV remote for an ice cream cone after the credits roll. It was never explained what happened to Rayman after he was chased out of the house as he did not appear in any other future Raving Rabbid games although he continued appears in his own game franchise.

This Longplay goes through the Solo Mode (any%). I cutted out the music minigames for the YouTube Version because of copyright!