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Bit Boy!! is a video game developed by Austrian studio Bplus for Nintendo's WiiWare service. It was released in Europe on July 3, 2009, North America on July 13, 2009, and in Japan on March 30, 2010 as Bit Man!! by Marvelous Entertainment.

Players control a cube named Kubi, who they must navigate through a series of increasingly complex mazes in order to rescue his friends. Players must also avoid monsters that roam the mazes, though later in the game they are given a limited ability to attack them.

The game's levels are spread across the setting of several "Bit Generations", which are generally representative of video game console generations. Each Bit Generation sees changes in graphics, sound and level design that are intended to invoke the aesthetics of the games from that particular generation, however in general the gameplay remains the same throughout.

These Bit Generations, presented in the game as fictional installments of a series of Bit Boy games, include:

Bit Boy, representative of second generation-era games
Bit Boy 2, representative of third generation-era games
Super Bit Boy, representative of fourth generation-era games
Bit Boy 3D, representative of early fifth generation-era games
Bit Boy 64, representative of late fifth generation-era games
Bit Boy Wii, representative of sixth and seventh generation-era games

The game is played using with the Wii Remote held sideways or held upright to simulate an arcade joystick. After completing a Bit Generation, the score attack-based "Warp Mode" is unlocked for that particular era. Beating the last level of the game in either Classic Mode or Warp Mode allows the player to play through all levels again in the Turbo Classic Mode and Turbo Warp Mode respectively.

And how should it be, this Longplay goes of course through all six games!