Radirgy Noa Wii

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Wii
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Publication Date: 09/02/2022
YouTube Release: 05/10/2022
Duration: 00:51:04
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Player's Review

Sequel to the original Radirgy. Like its predecessor, it was originally released on Sega NAOMI arcade hardware, and then ported to Wii, Xbox 360 (as Radirgy Noa Massive) and PC, the latter one being part of the Milestone Sound Collection bundle. One of the villains from the prequel, Ruki Mishima, is featured as a playable character for 2P side.

To get the good ending in this game, you must defeat the Dreamer09 ship before it flies away for the last time in level 4-1. There's a strategy for this: start with either the left or right wing, combining the lasers with melee attack and also taking advantage of your ABS shield. Then repeat this for the other wing, and finish with the center. But, you have to be really fast when doing that.

The longplay was recorded with a dev build of Dolphin 5.0, Vulkan backend was used to ensure no glitches appear in the video. I also should note this playthrough was done on default settings for the difficulty.

BONUS VIDEO: Part 2 is a modified version of Illvelo that came bundled with this game, labeled as 'Illvelo Still' and features the same weapons from RN, though it's based on Easy Mode of the original game (which a standalone port for Wii was released as well). All 52 keys collected, which are required to fight the true final boss and get the good ending. I also included the bad endings at the end of each video.