Ikenie no Yoru (Fan Translation)

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Wii
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Additional Info: Fan Translation
Publication Date: 29/05/2022
YouTube Release: 07/10/2022
Duration: 04:15:45
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Player's Review

Plot: 'A group of college students have decided to take a trip to a place called the Tsukuyomi Ravine, where people used to sacrifice to the gods. There are five main characters in this game, which the game encourages the player to rename with the names of their friends: Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Red.

Black invites the group to the ravine, and his father owns the mansion in which they then stay. Red, the hot-tempered leader of the group, incites the group to come and "test [their] courage" with him. Blue is shown to be kind, and to have a strong sense of justice. Yellow, while also kind, is more courteous and proper; she is further presented as pure of heart, and from a decidedly good upbringing. Yellow comes to befriend a mysterious young girl during her trip. Pink is rather vocal about her beliefs and opinions, much to the others' chagrin. The epilogue contains an additional character called "You." The player controls each of these six characters in turn, as they explore the mansion.'

Also known as 'Night of the Sacrifice' as the translated title says. This is a really obscure game that never saw the light outside of Japan, but guess what's funny and at the same time curious? PewDiePie recorded a Let's Play of this game almost a decade ago! (Back then the game wasn't translated btw). Sadly it doesn't feature any voiceovers which is a shame considering almost all games from its generation had voice acting.

The game allows you to use one of the following settings:
1. Wiimote controls in its entirety (tapping B to run or holding it to walk) or
2. The Wiimote + Balance Board combination where the latter is used to move, while using your Wiimote as a flashlight.

I really wanted to record this game a long time ago but couldn't due to me not having a decent PC back then, but now here it is, with all translated texts hard-patched into the game. A dev build of Dolphin was used with Vulkan backend selected, this to ensure no glitches appear in this video. (Funny fact: had an older recording that was started from a savestate, but when I did the playback, it desynched unfortunately lol).

This longplay, aside from covering the main story obviously (after a short prologue chapter that surprisingly is playable), includes the Expert mode which is basically re-playing all chapters but with a condition for each of them, which can be: not running so fast, always walking continuously, beating the chapter under a limited amount of time, etc. Also included are the Bonus chapter that is some sort of a short eroge story and an alternate version of the ending scene.

There are also certain moments where some sound effects might get distorted, I did some thorough research about it and it's the intended behavior on real hardware as well. I recommend turning down the volume of your headphones just in case.

0:00:56 -- Intro chapter

0:04:00 -- Case 1: House
0:08:37 -- Case 2: Bunker
0:14:26 -- Case 3: Tunnel
0:19:31 -- Case 4: Morgue
0:23:26 -- Case 5: Jail

0:29:56 -- Story 1-1: Outer Place
0:36:24 -- Story 1-2: Blood
0:42:17 -- Story 1-3: Alive
0:49:14 -- Story 1-4: Going Mad
0:55.35 -- Story 1-5: It is Real

1:02:22 -- Story 2-1: Train
1:09:01 -- Story 2-2: Grave
1:15:48 -- Story 2-3: Meeting
1:23:36 -- Story 2-4: No Fate
1:31:14 -- Story 2-5: Prayer

1:37:10 -- Story 3-1: Spirit
1:41:35 -- Story 3-2: Parade
1:45:10 -- Story 3-3: Seal
1:49:43 -- Story 3-4: Bad
1:54:35 -- Story 3-5: Escape

1:58:34 -- 'No Love Here' (Cyan escapes)
2:01:12 -- Case 6: Altar
2:06:31 -- 'No Love Here' (Cyan does NOT give up this time)
2:18:23 -- Ending 1

2:23:08 -- Expert mode (while skipping the stuff already shown previously)
4:00:50 -- Bonus 'eroge' chapter
4:10:53 -- Ending 2