Escape from Bug Island

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Wii
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Publication Date: 02/10/2023
YouTube Release: 10/01/2024
Duration: 05:36:59
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Player's Review

A survival horror game that literally has a lot of similarities with Resident Evil 4, despite it being entirely developed by a different company. It was released in Japan as a launch title, under the name of Necro-Nesia (which means 'island of the dead' ). However, during localization, it was given a different name to reflect the implemented environment, where most of the enemies are insects.

The plot is about a group of travelers in their mid-20s apparently, who ended up stranded and so they landed on some island that is populated by mutant insects and creatures, and now they have to find a way to escape from that place safely. The whole plot is told in two parts, one with a fake ending and another which has TWO real endings depending on whether you are playing in NG or NG+ mode.

Regarding the gameplay itself: the similarities with the other game are found in the combat system (either close or ranged), the shake off technique whenever an enemy uses a certain attack, and the inventory system, though without the space limitation. Which means you don't have to arrange your current items/weapons in order to free some space for new stuff. During localization, Eidos also implemented a series of quality-of-life improvements in terms of gameplay, by adding the ability to control aiming with your Nunchuk as long as A and B buttons are pressed at the same time, plus that you can equip more than one weapon of the same type by using the C button while in the weapon inventory screen to 'activate' any of them.

Another addition compared to the original Japanese release are the bonus challenges. There are 57 in total though you need to complete at least 30 of them for a S rank at the end of the game, since this is a thorough longplay I show them all. This rank system also rewards you with the Samurai Sword and Death Scythe to be used in your next playthrough inside the same file, as long as you get A or S rank overall.

You also get a few special items after collecting a certain amount of Purple Fragments which enemies often leave except for maggots. These items are easily spotted by a purple star marker on the map and are often inside a box, equipping any of them improves the player's defense (blue), attack (red), balancing (white), evasion (black) and even 'infinite' ammo (purple). Three of them require either lots of grinding near the mantis nests which is a painful task, or by playing NG+ over and over again until you max them out. Which led me to use a full save to show the few items that could not be triggered in the actual playthrough, also that completing NG+ (without any additional conditions) triggers an alternate ending that surprisingly no one had documented before. These stuff is shown right after the credits.

0:00:00 - Start
0:02:20 - Prologue
0:05:29 - Tutorial

Round 1
0:12:31 - Stage 1: Ruins
0:23:14 - Stage 2: Grove
0:39:08 - Boss: Giant Gorilla (R1)
0:43:06 - Stage 3: Forest
1:00:31 - Stage 4: River
1:12:33 - Stage 5: Path
1:21:45 - Boss: Giant Spider (R1)
1:24:18 - Stage 6: Hillside
1:34:49 - Boss: Giant Worm (R1)
1:36:49 - Stage 7: Cave to the Peak
1:54:41 - Stage 8: Temple
2:03:13 - Boss: Giant Gorilla Rematch (R1)
2:07:10 - Stage 9: Cave of Time

Round 2
2:18:28 - Stage 10: Ruins (Michelle's Gun)
2:27:32 - Stage 11: Grove
2:28:37 - Secret Area 1 (Shovel & Mantis Scythe)
2:45:23 - Stage 11: Grove (cont.)
2:53:50 - Boss: Giant Gorilla (R2)
2:56:52 - Stage 12: Forest
3:09:41 - Secret Area 2 (Sledgehammer & Pitchfork)
3:25:27 - Stage 12: Forest (cont.)
3:29:22 - Stage 13: Swamp
3:44:29 - Boss: Vampire Moth Nest
3:46:59 - Stage 14: Path
3:52:47 - Stage 15: River (for a Heart Mushroom)
4:12:36 - Stage 14: Path (cont.)
4:15:18 - Boss: Giant Spider (R2)
4:17:35 - Getting the Shotgun from Mike
4:20:37 - Stage 16: Hillside
4:21:13 - Secret Area 3 (White Pendant & Spiked Club)
4:36:08 - Stage 16: Hillside (cont.)
4:39:42 - Boss: Giant Worm (R2)
4:46:03 - Stage 17: Cave to the Peak
4:52:39 - Stage 18: Temple
5:07:42 - Boss: Giant Gorilla Rematch (R2)
5:10:17 - Stage 19: Cave of Time
5:17:18 - Boss: Beelzebub
5:21:16 - Stage 19: Cave of Time (cont.)
5:22:45 - Returning from the Cave
5:27:41 - Back to the Ruins
5:30:20 - Final Boss: Mutated Robert
5:32:27 - Ending & Credits

5:36:05 - Location of Purple, Red and Black Pendants
5:36:27 - Alternate Ending (NG+)