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Publication Date: 01/05/2017
YouTube Release: 05/04/2021
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Player's Review

I wasn't quite sure how to do a longplay of this exactly so I just went through the basics and played everything in the game from the basic sports to the training and fitness test

The worst for me was anything to do with golf and baseball, golf is just too sensitive on how to swing it so I tried the 9 hole course a few times and just went with the best one even though it isn't that great, as for baseball I wasn't good at the game against the CPU mainly because the CPU was throwing the balls too slow, whenever played with a friend we would try to get the fastest fast balls possible and that was what I was good at getting home runs with.

For boxing I did several fights mainly because up until the last fight all the other fighters would get a KO without ever trying to get up so I went until the CPU actually put up a decent fight

As for the rest I guess I was okay at it, I hadn't had any practice in the bowling so I wasn't good enough for a perfect game but I did a few tries until I was satisfied with my score

The training is what I was actually decent at for most of it, except for the golf ones and the picking up spares on bowling, at least I managed to do the trick in the power throws on bowling to get all the pins to fall on the final frame by pressing one of those red buttons in the back

Then at the very end I do the fitness test and managed to get the best age possible for it even though I thought I did terrible on the first boxing one for it

Sadly there isn't any credits in the game that I could access so the longplay ends after the fitness test is over