Ultimate Shooting Collection

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Wii
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Publication Date: 29/08/2019
YouTube Release: 13/04/2021
Duration: 01:20:23
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Player's Review

Milestone shmup compy!

Contains 3 shmups made by Milestone: Karous, Radirgy, and Chaos Field. Karous involves a girl...with some raven machine...and some people. Iunno. Radirgy involves a girl being allergic to radio waves (Rajio/Radio + allergy). Chaos Field...I think involves...-goes to wikipedia-...mankind fucking up dimensions, so 3 people are selected to stop some being.

Gameplay!: Karous involves leveling up Shot, Sword, and Shield. More levels = more points. There's also a field you can use to eat up bullets...and level up faster! Abuse to win. Radirgy is pretty much like Karous, but more brighter and a different scoring mechanic (ABSNet to build green pills/multiplier). Chaos Field involves using Order Field to stock meta stock (used for special attacks) to allow you to build up chains and not have a rough time with patterns, and then entering Chaos Field to get powered up and mass larger chains in exchange for aggressive enemies.

This longplay no-skills through all three games while scoring horribly on default settings, though I'm semi-decent at Karous. Fun fact: this compy was more focused on Karous. It IS called Milestone Collection: Karous Wii in Japan!