The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: GameCube
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Publication Date: 05/11/2012
YouTube Release: 02/02/2024
Duration: 23:42:12
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Player's Review

Nintendo-developed Zelda game.

Follow Zelda (and a cute imp) as he unleashes his inner furry in search of some old rocks and some pieces of glass.

Plays like all the other Zelda games except you can turn into a wolf. This game is kinda dark for a Zelda game. It may or may not be darker than Majoras Mask, but that is debatable. I dont think this game is longer than Skyward Sword, despite Skyward Sword having FILLER! This was also ported on the Wii (released on Wii first, then Gamecube later) with some changes, like waggle controls...AND MIRRORING THE WHOLE GAME! Everyone knows Twilight Princess is a Gamecube Zelda game...or do they?

This longplay goes for pretty much everything minus fishing and playing Rollgoal. There s lots of roll spamming because it SEEMS to be faster. Theres some usage of Mortal Draw because it wrecks everything that doesnt guard against it (read: EXTREMELY powerful. Stallord can be defeated in 3 hits if you use Great Fairy Tears/Rare Chu Jelly while spamming Mortal Draw). Theres also shoddy editing (day-night transitions). There are times I get lost (second time playing the game.) I could definitely improve on some segments. Split into many parts because I REALLY doubt someone wants to watch 1 hour of filler (sidequests)...or something...followed by a dungeon. Then again, that defeats the purpose of a "longplay". If theres minor adventuring for goodies, I do them while progressing through the story. Some dungeons I dont open the chests because of the wallet and Rupee thing.

But it wont fit in your wallet now, so lets put it back.
Me: ...oh goddammit. -_-