Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Falsebound Kingdom

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: GameCube
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Publication Date: 22/11/2012
YouTube Release: 19/02/2024
Duration: 28:23:38
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Player's Review

RPG by Konami based on the Japanese series.

Kinda after the Battle City arc...or something, follow Yugi and friends as they go into a game that is a virtual world.

Gameplay is pretty simple: move your group of monsters to a base to take it over and/or engage the enemy. Battles are turn-based, where each monster have a certain amount of moves. Leveling up will increase overall stats and may add an ability.

This longplay plays through all three campaigns from a clean file, starting with Yugi first, then Kaiba, then Joey. For Kaibas campaign, I cheese it by spamming Dark Burning Attack, Triangle Escatasy Attack, and a few Obelisk shenanigans as well. There isnt much cheesing in Joeys story. I also get all the monsters that are available on the first go around. I do try to switch up some monster formations here and there. Low level monsters arent easy to level. Theres also some fusions going on. Only ones not shown are Gaia the Dragon Champion and Thousand Dragon. Cosmos Queen is a fusion monster as well. Enemy getting the advantage, as usual.

Movie files have a chapter file inserted, sorted by mission.