Lost Kingdoms

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: GameCube
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Publication Date: 29/04/2017
YouTube Release: 11/02/2024
Duration: 09:09:01
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Player's Review

[Children's card game?] RPG by FromSoftware.

Follow a princess as she uses cards to save the world!

Battles are random encounters. You have a card for each face buttons that come in 3 flavors: weapons, summon, and independent. When that card expires (usage for Weapon and Summon and HP for Independent), you draw another card. There's also a button to discard a card. There's also an elemental weakness, so the type of cards you use kinda matter.

This longplay guides the cute princess through all of the stages while getting 100 Red Fairies. I don't get all the goodies in an area because destructible obstacles! I don't get all cards, though (too much grinding!), but I'm sure 100 Red Fairies will suffice. I spam Trickster alot because it is so damn good. In some fights, I take my time because I want to capture many critters...and then I end up not using them!