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Publication Date: 10/03/2021
YouTube Release: 31/12/2031
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Player's Review

Hogs of War is a strategy game developed by Infogrames Studios Ltd. and published in 2000. The main concept is based on turn-based gameplay in which you control the pigs equipped a certain arsenal (melee weapons, guns, mines etc.) to kill all enemies.

This is PC version, which was ported from original game for PlayStation. Unfortunately, this version is broken...

I played GOG version (I bought this one legally), but I was forced to install an unofficial patch to fix some bugs and issues to run the game on Windows 10. Without patch the game runs extremely slow in main menu (about 1 frame per second), there are some "texture holes" in regular gameplay, black islands on the Saustralasia map in campaign mode.

Also this version has no music (exclude FMVs). There is unofficial music fix, but it works not well, at least on my PC. Some sounds and voices also don't work.

But the biggest problem of PC version is the AI pigs are not moving. This is not problem of modern version. As I know, the problem was also in original PC release, which was published in November 2000.

Visually this version looks more detailed unlike PlayStation version (you can notice some details like snowman on winter maps, grass, some new buildings), it has higher resolution, fog effect and strange swimming animation. In 6th mission snipers hide in cacti (I've never seen that in PlayStation version). New death animations and win dances was added in PC version.

I played the last mission twice. First time I played it normally to show the mission gimmick with Legends. Unfortunately, I lost 3 of my pigs and I've not received Survival Bonus. After that the game shows 5th movie called "First Aid in the Field" instead ending movie and throws me to the level select screen in multi-player mode (this strange). Then I played the 25th mission with "easy way" and keep all of my pigs alive. As a result, Survival Bonus, ending movie and unlocking "Team Lard" (a.k.a. "Mardy Pigs" ).

In my opinion, the better way to get full experience of the game is playing PlayStation version.

Time codes:

00:00:12 - Intro movie
00:03:51 - Training mission: Boot Camp
00:13:57 - Mission 01: The War Foundation
00:19:38 - Mission 02: Routine Patrol
00:25:49 - Mission 03: Trench Warfare
00:32:53 - Mission 04: Morning Glory!
00:43:16 - Mission 05: Island Invasion
00:54:19 - [movie] "Know your Enemy!"
00:56:05 - Mission 06: Under Siege
01:07:57 - Mission 07: Communication Breakdown
01:19:40 - Mission 08: The Spying Game
01:38:31 - Mission 09: The Village People
01:51:04 - Mission 10: Bangers 'N' Mash
02:09:19 - [movie] "The Importance of Camouflage"
02:11:23 - Mission 11: Saving Private Rind
02:20:29 - Mission 12: Just Deserts
02:32:48 - Mission 13: Glacier Guns
02:50:25 - Mission 14: Battle Stations
02:58:23 - Mission 15: Fortified Swine
03:05:27 - [movie] "A Soldier Marches on his Feet"
03:07:13 - Mission 16: Over The Top
03:27:20 - Mission 17: Geneva Convention
03:34:14 - Mission 18: I Spy...
03:47:24 - Mission 19: Chemical Compound
04:01:28 - Mission 20: Achilles Heal
04:23:01 - [movie] "Top Secret!"
04:25:03 - Mission 21: High And Dry
04:38:14 - Mission 22: Assassination
04:48:50 - Mission 23: Hero Warship
04:57:47 - Mission 24: Hamburger Hill
05:06:21 - [movie] "First Aid in the Field"
05:07:49 - Mission 25: Well, Well, Well! (normal path)
05:26:54 - Mission 25: Well, Well, Well! (easy path)
05:28:17 - [movie] "Peace! Everything you need to know"
05:28:43 - Ending movie
05:30:57 - Credits