Magical Tetris Challenge

This is another Tetris game developed by Capcom. This time with Disney characters and some storylines for each of them.

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System: Nintendo 64
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Publication Date: 27/09/2021
YouTube Release: 31/12/2025
Duration: 01:46:50
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Player's Review

NOTE: this is improved version of longplay. Some audio issue was fixed.

There are several modes in this game:
1) Magical Tetris with some unusual Tetris pieces;
2) Updown Tetris in which you can attack your opponent by adding rows in his/her stack;
3) Endless Mode in which you can play as long as you like.

Honestly I don't like Updown mode, so I played this one only once.

The graphics and characters animation done very well. The music is awesome (my favorite one is Mickey's theme).

I tried to play story mode in chronological order to show complete storyline.

In other parts this is old good Tetris.

There is also PS1 port of this game, which includes a theater mode allowing to watch all storylines at any time without Tetris competitions. As I noticed N64 version has no save of progress system.

Time codes:

00:00:39 - Introduction and demo play
00:02:18 - Magical Tetris, practice mode (rules and how to play)
00:10:09 - Magical Tetris, story mode (Donald)
00:30:25 - Magical Tetris, story mode (Goofy)
00:52:38 - Updown Tetris, story mode (Minnie)
01:18:26 - Magical Tetris, story mode (Mickey)
01:43:54 - Credits