Kurasshu Bandikuu

Kurasshu Bandikuu is a Japanese version of the popular platformer Crash Bandicoot developed by Naughty Dog in 1996 for PlayStation. This version has a lot differences compared to the original NTSC-U version (see below).

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Publication Date: 27/03/2022
YouTube Release: 31/12/2027
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Player's Review

From Bandipedia (https://crashbandicoot.fandom.com/wiki/Crash_Bandicoot_(game)):

"The gameplay in Crash Bandicoot is noticeably simpler than the series' later iterations, as Crash doesn't learn any new skills throughout the game. He is able only to walk, jump and spin. If Crash touches an enemy or a hazard, he loses a life, although, he can earn more by either collecting 100 Wumpa Fruit, or by breaking open crates in which some of them contain an extra life. Crash can protect himself from damage by picking up an Aku Aku mask. If he collects all 3 masks, he'll become invincible for a short amount of time".

NOTE. Here and later J means NTSC-J/Japanese version.

So here are the differences:
- password feature was removed from J; the only way to continue a playthrough from a given point is completing Tawna/Cortex Bonus Round and/or getting a gem after beating a level and then save the game;
- in J some of Aku Aku masks give you hints; some of them may be pretty useful, especially for noobies;
- J has more Tawna Bonus Rounds;
- platforms at water levels (Upstream/Up the Creek) are wider in J;
- Papu Papu has more hit points in J (5 instead 3 in western versions); furthermore, he will move faster after getting each hit;
- in J green gem was removed from The Lost City to Hog Wild while The Lost City gives you a red gem after a perfect playthrough;
- in J Sunset Vista was swapped with Slippery Climb, more Checkpoints in Slippery Climb (in western versions this level has only one Checkpoint);
- J has a shorter version of The High Road;
- in J soundtracks for some levels was changed: Tawna Bonus Round, Koala Kong, Pinstripe, Nitrus Brio, Dr. Neo Cortex;
- all levels have different names compared to the English version;
- some new voice lines were added in J.

I beat the game with 100% by collecting all the gems and keys. I also visited every Tawna Bonus Round and showed both endings.

In addition to the main video file, I uploaded a .srt file that contains subtitles with English translation for: level names, Aku Aku hints, intro cutscene and secret epilogue.

Disclaimer: I don't know Japanese so I borrowed some English text for subtitles from Bandipedia site https://crashbandicoot.fandom.com. I tried to translate the names of boss levels myself by using Google Translate, because I didn't find the corresponding translation on the wiki site.
The English text for the intro and secret epilogue is from the western version of the game.

As a bonus, I added a playthrough of an unused level which is known as Stormy Ascent.

From Bandipedia (https://crashbandicoot.fandom.com/wiki/Stormy_Ascent):

"Stormy Ascent is a cut level from the original Crash Bandicoot (...) The level is similar in vein to Slippery Climb, consisting of fast retracting steps, vertically and horizontally-moving vultures, vial-throwing Lab Assistants, many iron spikes, and moving platforms in complex patterns.
Stormy Ascent is not accessible through normal means in the original game, but it can be played by using a GameShark code. Naughty Dog removed this level due to its extreme difficulty as it is essentially a harder version of its counterpart Slippery Climb (which is already considered one of the hardest levels in the game), and also due to the numerous bugs that Naughty Dog could not fix before the final game was shipped. It is also the last level of the Crash Bandicoot prototype."

NOTE. In time codes section I used the following format for most time stamps:
XX:XX:XX - English translation of NTSC-J level name (original level name in according with NTSC-U version)

Time codes:

00:01:04 - Introduction
00:02:12 - Awakening Beach (N. Sanity Beach)
00:05:30 - Jungle of the Disk-Rocks (Jungle Rollers)
00:08:14 - Climb! Crash (The Great Gate)
00:11:18 - Big Rock Rattle-rattle (Boulders)
00:13:13 - Beware the Fish (Upstream)
00:16:22 - Suddenly Papu Papu (Papu Papu)
00:17:26 - The End of the Disk Rocks (Rolling Stones)
00:21:43 - Hog Dash! (Hog Wild)
00:23:23 - Towards the Top of Fortress (Native Fortress)
00:27:35 - Aiming Upstream (Up the Creek)
00:31:40 - Crazy Ripper Roo (Ripper Roo)
00:32:55 - Use Lizards to Big Jump (The Lost City)
00:40:39 - Ancient Temple (Temple Ruins)
00:45:51 - On the Foggy Suspension Bridge (Road to Nowhere)
00:49:42 - Big Rock Again! (Boulder Dash)
00:51:40 - Stormy Old Castle (Slippery Climb)
00:58:32 - Koala Kong is Strong (Koala Kong)
01:00:14 - Mechanization Plan (Heavy Machinery)
01:07:32 - Cortex's Power Plant (Cortex Power)
01:11:09 - Intruding into Generator Room (Generator Room)
01:15:57 - Drumcan Step (Toxic Waste)
01:20:03 - Cool Pinstripe Potoroo (Pinstripe Potoroo)
01:21:14 - Turtle Turtle Jump (The High Road)
01:25:21 - Ruins of Sunset (Sunset Vista)
01:35:00 - A Shot in the Dark (Lights Out)
01:37:47 - Deep into the Castle (Jaws of Darkness)
01:45:09 - Mechanization is Proceeding (Castle Machinery)
01:50:09 - Doctor Nitrus Brio (Nitrus Brio)
01:51:24 - Ripping Researcher (The Lab)
01:56:24 - Cortex and Single Combat (Dr. Neo Cortex)
01:57:39 - Canon Ending + Credits
02:00:43 - Jungle of the Disk-Rocks (Jungle Rollers) with Gem
02:04:14 - Climb! Crash (The Great Gate) with Gem
02:09:45 - Beware the Fish (Upstream) with Gem
02:12:39 - The End of the Disk Rocks (Rolling Stones) with Gem
02:15:26 - Towards the Top of Fortress (Native Fortress) with Gem
02:22:12 - Hog Challenge (Whole Hog)
02:29:28 - Cortex's Power Plant (Cortex Power) with Gem
02:33:57 - In the Deep Darkness (Fumbling in the Dark)
02:37:05 - A Shot in the Dark (Lights Out) with Gem
02:39:51 - Big Rock Again! (Boulder Dash) with Gem
02:43:27 - White Diamonds' Destination is? (The Great Hall)
02:44:14 - Alternate Ending + Secret Epilogue + Credits
02:48:14 - [Bonus] Stormy Ascent