Omega Boost

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 29/09/2018
YouTube Release: 03/03/2021
Duration: 02:02:14
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Player's Review

Omega Boost, Developed by Polyphony Digital (The very same that brought us the excellent Gran Turismo Series) and published by Sony in 1999. Released in all 3 regions and interestingly each has its own individual Intro/Ending soundtrack much the same as Gran Turismo. (US Version played here)

I have wanted to Longplay this game for a long while but the requirements needed to show what I wanted are a little steep and quite difficult so have been putting it off for years. This video shows 2 runs. Normal and Hard Difficulty. Not a big issue in it's self as the game is quite short and not overly difficult. BUT, in order to unlock all bonus content I must complete every level with an S-Rank to ensure at least a total of 90 AP at the end of the game . The overall rank is based on level completion time and kill count and it can be difficult to balance staying in a level to long and killing everything. After completing both runs, all bonus levels and cheats have been unlocked. I then proceed to show these levels with some cheats active as I don't care about rank at this point. the game is done.

The game is a late PS1 game and is well presented with great gfx and sound. I think there is some kind of Q-Sound style virtual surround going on as well. The video segments seem quite high resolution as well so when it comes to the Menu screen I have to wonder what happened. The overall package is well presented but the menu system is a low resolution mess where even basic text has scaling issues. a small blight on another wise excellent game.

When going into zone mode, you can replay all unlocked campaign levels and bonus levels. Before starting each one you can select a weapon unlock level to play with. Im not sure on the exact requirements to unlock the bonus levels, but the gamefaq listing doesnt seem accurate as you'll see in this video what Normal unlocks and only 3 remain for unlocking on Hard.

Levels 1-9: Unlocked during campaign
Level A - All weapons Level 9 and Invincibility - Complete game with at least 60 AP
Level B - Unlimited Viper Attack power - Complete Hard mode with at least 90 AP
Level C - High Movement Speed all weapons Maxed - Complete game on Normal
Level D - 4 point laser system, no missiles (AWESOME!) - Complete game on Normal with at least 90 AP
Level E - Fast Boost in all 4 directions - Complete game on Hard

00:00:00 Training Levels
00:09:10 Normal Playthrough
00:55:20 Hard Playthrough
01:41:55 Bonus Level U1 Zone - Complete Hard Mode, 90 AP no continues (60 fps!)
01:43:30 Bonus Level U2 Zone - Complete Normal mode with at least 60 AP
01:45:30 Bonus Level U3 Zone - Complete Normal mode with at least 50 AP
01:47:35 Bonus Level U4 Zone - Complete Normal mode with at least 90 AP
01:49:35 Bonus Level U5 Zone - Complete Normal with at least 50 AP
01:50:45 Bonus Level U6 Zone - Complete Hard Mode
01:53:10 Bonus Level U7 Zone - Complete Hard mode without using Continues
01:56:20 Bonus Level U8 Zone - Complete Normal Mode
01:58:45 Bonus Level U9 Zone - Complete Normal Mode without using continues
02:00:36 Bonus Level V5 Zone - Complete game with at least 60 AP