Space Jam

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Publication Date: 29/09/2018
YouTube Release: 03/03/2021
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Player's Review

Space Jam was developed by Sculptured Software and Published by Acclaim in 1996. The game ties in with the film of the same name featuring Looney Tunes characters.

I cant say I enjoyed playing through this one. The main game is ok although a bit easy especially as Michael Jordan seems quite overpowered making the main game a breeze although you can choose to play as the monsters for more of a challenge. The mode is a simple 4 quarter game with mini games in between for powerups. Controls are simple with only 3 buttons. Turbo, Pass and Throw. Each character has a couple for special slam dunk moves but they can be tricky to get out as you need to be in a specific spot for them to come out. Upon completion, I should have ended the video here but no..there is Intergalactic mode!

Intergalactic mode is quite a chore so I set it to 1 minute rounds so as to not drag the video on longer than it had to. You have to win 5 whole matches utilising all the Loony Tunes characters. You can pick a captain which will be carried through every match. You cant pick Michael. After winning the first game I really started to dislike it. There is no save function so you need to finish it in one sitting.

I played on Hard thinking that like many other games, content would unlock but ...nothing. The court is tiny and even with only 6 players they tend to all merge into one when fighting for the ball and it can be confusing as to where the ball is. As the game progresses the game gets fast and chaotic. If a match is lost that is it, game over and you need to start over at game 1.By game 3 any sense of fun is gone and I cant wait for the end to come. Was it worth it? Not really. If you ever feel the need to play the game just stick with the main game mode.

00:00:00 Play through of main game
00:26:35 Intergalactic mode