Boktai: The Sun is In Your Hand

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System: Game Boy Advance
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Publication Date: 23/12/2017
YouTube Release: 21/01/2022
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Player's Review

This is the longplay of the game Boktai - The Sun is In Your Hand (Bokura no Taiy? /"Our Sun" in Japan), for Game Boy Advance. This is an action RPG game released by Konami and produced by Hideo Kojima, the same as the Metal Gear saga, and so absorbs much of his creative influence.

The game centers on the character Django, who is a vampire hunter boy and carries with him the red scarf that belonged to his father. Vampires terrorize people and they have already lost the hope, but Django will fight against these threats and will rely on the help of Otenko, a sunflower-like creature with large eyes and nose, who acts as a Django advisor and is known as the Messenger of the Sun and also Lita, the guardian of the Solar Tree, who comes to help us after being released from the evil claws of Count (one of the main villains of this game). And we can not forget the appearance of Sabata, the Dark Boy, the black counterpart of Django and who uses a weapon of darkness.

The game also features a ranking system for each completed dungeon and unlike other RPGs, the combat focuses on stealth. An integral concept is shooting an undead in the back, stunning it, then running away or finishing it off. Getting caught by a monster (indicated by a red exclamation point above the head) will reduce the grade received at the end of a stage.
Some larger dungeons require that the chief be defeated (immortal) and take the coffin out of the dungeon to be destroyed by the sun's rays. Incidentally, this is the biggest innovation of this game, it uses real sunlight absorbed by a sensor through the cartridge and without sunlight nothing is possible. And no use trying to cheat using a very strong lamp nor the flashlight you have, because the sensor can differentiate natural and artificial light. But the video was recorded through emulator, so the rom needed to be adapted to play on the PC and you can regulate the sunlight as needed (staying with the bar of sunlight full for too long can cause overheat in the gun, caution with overheat). This is a very good and innovative game with a creativity that only the master Hideo Kojima could provide us, there is a lot of good stuff to be done but unfortunately I can not do Emblem Ressonance in emulator yet, as this would show a lot of cool things in the storyline. I hope you enjoy the video.

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