Sega Rally Championship

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Game Boy Advance
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Publication Date: 13/08/2018
YouTube Release: 01/02/2022
Duration: 00:52:20
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Player's Review

Sega Rally Championship is a conversion (not port) of the popular sega arcade game of the same name released in 2003 (US version shown here). The game was also released in Japan in 2002 as just Sega Rally.

Is there any game series that didn't get a a GBA version? Given all the GBA limitations, it never stopped games like this, gta, driver, payback being made for the system. The result is an ugly mess which you can just about getaway with using the Sega Rally name on. A super blocky road with the odd car sprite laid over the top. It is still as fast and slippy as the original game as is also the difficulty curve.

In the game you start with the usual championship mode. Complete the 4 tracks and you are done! Well, in the original game anyway. here you unlock rally coins. the better your final placing, the more coins you get. This is an annoying part of the game. having to grind for coins in order to progress. NFS Payback, how far we have come! The game has multiple cars and I try to show each one throughout the game. No real difference between them other than the look. You can tweak the settings though.

You use these coins too unlock more championships. I think there was 5 in all. After completing all championships the credits are shown. With the rest of the coins I unlock the picture gallery. There are also some mini games that can be played to earn more coins but you need to spend some coins to play them. I show all 3 games a couple of times.

It is soon evident that I am going to need more coins to unlock everything and no way I was going to grind them out. So a quick poke at address "0604" I add 2000 coins to my game. I can now unlock all tracks for use in Time Trial mode and the remaining cars. The big kicker here is the Oval track costs 1000 coins and takes 30 seconds to complete in time trial :O

00:00:00 Play through of all championships.
00:39:30 Unlock and Show the Gallery
00:41:35 Show all 3 Rally mini games for coins
00:43:40 Hard cut as Coin Cheat is entered for 2000 coins. Rest of the video is just showing off remaining cars on the unlocked tracks.