Iridion II

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Game Boy Advance
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Publication Date: 13/08/2018
YouTube Release: 31/01/2022
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Player's Review

Iridion II is a scrolling shootervideo game developed by Shin'en Multimedia and published by Majesco Entertainment. Released in 2003 it is the Sequel to Iridion 3D but played in a different perspective.

After the events in Iridion 3D, the forces of the Iridion disappeared completely which prompted mankind to travel into space and colonize the planets of the Iridion home galaxy. However, after hundreds of peaceful years, the Iridion Empire returned and attacked the human colonists with the intent of retaking their planets. The player assumes control over the SHN-27 en route to save mankind from the Iridion once more.

The game is another amazing effort for the Game Boy Advance. Exceptional gfx and sound and the game plays great as well and surly pushing the Gba to its limits with the amount of onscreen enemies and projectiles without compromising the speed of the game. Right from the start with the Intro, the music draws in and as its quite short it leaves you wanting more (Why so short compared with first game!) Still lots of great tunes as we progress. My only real complaint would be the Boss music which is a very short sample loop and can get annoying after a while.

In the video I show playing through Story mode. Completing this mode then unlocks Arcade and Challenge mode. Both have high-score submission in mind for online leader boards. The video opens with the games title screen where you can make subtle changes to the instruments in order to change the tune. I think this is a throwback to later Commodore64 games released by Thalamous that had similar title screens.

After completing the game I show Challenge mode which is essentially a Boss Rush survival mode. You get one life although your energy replenishes before facing each boss. Completing this mode then unlocks the Jukebox. Codes are given at the end of each mode to unlock these modes from the start. Finally I show off the gallery section which is unlocked after completing story mode. Arcade mode (not shown) is like a Chapter Select / Score attack mode with crystals being dropped for points again starting out with just 1 life.

00:00:00 Story Mode
01:39:40 Challenge Mode
02:05:38 Gallery